The Ultimate Guide to the Best Umbrella Stroller

England 1773 was a turning point for parents, this is when the baby carriage or pram was invented. They came about when a parent asked a friend to design something to entertain their baby. Soon they became a fashion statement, spurred on by the Queen of England. Over the last 300 years, strollers have come leaps and bounds, and are just as much for parent’s convenience as baby’s entertainment. The last major reinvention of the stroller took place in 1965, when Owen Maclaren an aeronautical engineer designed the umbrella stroll for his daughter.

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Every soccer mom needs a stroller she must balance function, fashion, and form. With all the options, new moms may be overwhelmed because there is a stroller for just about every occasion and baby’s stage of development. Additionally, the stroller has gone from a novelty to a necessity but it remains a status symbol for the rich and the famous. However, the umbrella stroller is still the hallmark of the mom on the go, as it tends to be lightweight, compact, and maneuverable. Now you just need to choose the one with the right features for you and your baby.

Types of Baby Stroller

Besides the umbrella stroller, you have a number of stroller options. There are five main types of strollers each has its own pros and cons. When choosing a stroller you will want to consider the terrain of where you are living or where the stroller will be used, the age of your baby, and what activities you will be doing. With that in mind, let’s look at what’s out there.

Standard Stroller

standard strollerThe First option is the standard stroller. These are the workhorse of strollers, usually big, heavy, and durable. They offer larger wheels and many options such as trays, toy add-ons, and storage. These are good for long haul trips to the park for the day where you want everything to fit in the stroller.

Travel System

travel systemThe second option is a Travel system. These strollers normally combine two baby carries i.e., car seat and stroller. These strollers are ideal for a baby less than six month or one that cannot yet hold their head up. They often come with a five-point harness to secure the baby. However, once the baby has outgrown the car seat he or she has outgrown the stroller. Therefore, these strollers have a short period of utility.

Jogging Stroller

jogging strollerThe third option is a jogging stroller, which is based on the umbrella stroller design. The jogger stroller is designed for added stability, speed, and maneuverability. However, this makes the stroller heavier and larger. This stroller is great for a jog on any surface because of its three-wheel design that features large rugged wheels. However, its size and weight are factors to consider if you are not a supper active parent.

Double Stroller

double strollerThe fourth option you have is a double stroller. This stroller allows you to seat two children. They are normally larger and not recommended for one child. Some double stroller are for babies of the same age and size and there are some which are designed not necessarily for twin but for two babies.

Umbrella Stroller

umbrella strollerThe fifth option is the umbrella stroller. This stroller is an all-purpose stroller with a compact and lightweight design, which makes them the go anywhere stroller. One feature that many love is that the can be folded to fit in smaller spaces from the car to the overhead on an airplane. The umbrella stroller is lightweight making it easy to take on and off the bus or just carry them around. Finally, these strollers are very maneuverable making the ideal getting through foot-traffic on busy sidewalks or other public areas.

Many parents end up buying more than one stroller. Some start with a travel system and then add an umbrella stroller when the baby grows out of the first one. Other parents buy a number of strollers and use them based on their needs and the design. However, when parents have a number of strollers the umbrella stroller tends to be the one they reach for first.

Is an Umbrella Stroller Right for You?

Every busy mom and dad needs a stroller of some type and there are numerous options available. Umbrella strollers have been the go to stroller since the 1970’s for good reason. The design revolutionized the stroller from cumbersome and heavy to user friendly and efficient. Nevertheless, is an Umbrella stroller the right choice for you?

When choosing a stroller you will need to consider your needs and your baby. If you are a mom on the go, getting in and out of your car, hoping on and off public transportation, then an umbrella stroller is probably the right choice for you. Additionally, newer umbrella strollers are not lacking in features, so you won’t have to give up baby’s comfort for your convenience.

The umbrella stroller is a great option for hectic days. Many moms have days full of play dates, household chores including grocery shopping; many times these tasks are on top of a full day of work. If you have spent the afternoon busy with the baby, having a stroller in the car enables you to continue to run errands while your baby is sleeping. An umbrella stroller is ideal for this type of use, as it will fit easily in the car because it is light and portable. While other strollers such as a standard stroller will take up half your trunk, and is heavy to lift in and out of the car making it less likely, that you will pull it out to use.

Many moms choose a jogging stroller as one of their strollers. Though this stroller is good at letting you run at full speed, it is bulky, and heavy. These two features make it ideal for jogging, but make it undesirable for a daily stroller option.

For the last 45 years, the umbrella stroller has been one of the top rated baby strollers. One of the reasons for this is the versatility of the stroller. Unlike other strollers that are designed for a single purpose, umbrella strollers are designed with utility in mind, making them useful for the modern mom.

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How to Choose The Best Umbrella Stroller

As a mom many times you fill like you need a third arm, a stroller can help with this issue or make it worse. However, the stroller that will fit one mom’s needs might be a disaster for another. Before you start your stroller search, sit down and really consider where you will be taking the stroller and how you will be using the stroller. Once you know what you are going to do with your stroller you will want to focus on a number of necessary features and a couple recommended options. Features like weight of the stroller and size are going to be concerns for moms lifting the stroller frequently. Additionally, ease of use will be a big priority this ranges from initial set up to daily operation. You will also want to look at maneuverability, wheels, and shock absorption. No mom can forget safety features such as brakes, seat belts, and covers. Finally, you will want to look at storage, comfort, and add-ons for baby such as trays and toys.

Weight and Size

The weight of umbrella strollers can range from 8 to 18 pounds, the lighter the stroll the less features it will have; but an ultra-light weight versions might be your perfect stroller. The key is to find the balance, between weight and feature. For example, if you know that your baby is going to be in the stroller for the day. You are going to need a place to put everything from shopping finds to an extra diaper bag. Then storage is going to be a large factor that will add weight; but without which the stroller will be a hassle. As you have to try to carry bags while using it. However, if you have a 14-pound stroller that you are going to have to get on and off the bus, getting your little one to the baby sitter, then the weight will just be too much. So go to the store pick a couple up, to see how much 8 or 18 pounds weights and which end is closer to meeting your needs. You will also want to consider the size of the stroller both while in use, and for storage. If you know, you are going to be on crowded city streets a smaller stroller might be your best options. Additionally, how big the stroller is when it folds down could be key, if you are storing it in the car, or taking it on a plane.

Ease of Use

You found a couple strollers that are the right size and weight. Now, you will want to look out how easy they are to use. If you can’t put the thing together without an engineering degree, the stroller might not be your best choice. Another issue relating to use, is how easily the stroller folds down for storage, and how easy it is to open. You will want to look at the folding mechanism. Can it be operated one handed? Does it self-stand? Does it automatically lock into an open position? These are just some of the questions you will want to look at when considering the different folding mechanisms.

Also, dealing with ease of use is maneuverability. A number of features that will make a stroller more or less maneuverable, but the wheels are the main thing to look at. Strollers today have a number of wheel configurations, from a three-wheel tri-cycle to, an eight wheel models on swivels. However, the lightest umbrella strollers will have a basic fixed four-wheel design. This is not the optimal option, and many moms complain about them veering off course and being hard to steer. A better four-wheel design is two front swivel wheels and two fixed back wheels this is a much better option but can still have some stability issues when being used on uneven surfaces. This is just another reason to know how and where you plan to use your stroller.

Safety Features

No mom wants to worry if her baby is safe. When looking for a new stroller there are a couple key features you will want to look at. The First is brakes. The second is seatbelts. The third is umbrella covers.

The brakes on most strollers are very similar. However, you may find two different styles. The First and most common are individual wheel locks. With this braking system, you will have to lock each wheel sometimes just the back two but other times all four. The other newer braking system is a one-touch system, where with one button you lock all the brakes and with the other button, you unlock the brake. This style of brakes is newer, but this is off set with ease of use.

The seat belt that you need will vary based on age of your child. For the youngest children it is recommended that you have a five-point harness to keep the baby from falling out of the stroller. For younger but not walking children a three-point harness is recommended. The final type of seat belt is a simple lap belt, which is only recommended for older children,

The umbrella is a safety feature that protects your baby from the sun or rain. Depending on your climate, you will need to consider the size and material of the umbrella. Many lightweight umbrella strollers are now offering umbrellas that have view windows, have netting and other features. You may want to balance how much protection you want and how much weight it is worth.

These are key safety features you will want to consider. However, another safety feature you want to consider is the construction of the stroller. Though most strollers are made from aluminum or other lightweight metal, a few are made from plastic. Again, you will need to consider durability vs. weight. You may want to factor in replacement cost for cheaply made strollers. So spending a little more on a stroller the first time, will give you a better chance of have a safer longer lasting stroller. Again, it will be about weighting your needs.

Optional Features

These optional features are going to be what narrows your search down from 10 to the best umbrella stroller for you. There are a number of features to choose from. However, your first decision on getting a super lightweight or a lightweight umbrella stroller will have already narrowed this field. The super lightweight strollers are going to be the minimalist dream. Some of the newer models collapse down so they can be carried in a pouch, over your shoulder. Some even will have a small storage pocket. When you take the leap to a lightweight umbrella stroller the number of features starts to multiple. From seats that recline, to adjustable footrests, and cup holders, these features had comfort for your baby. They also make the stroller more versatile. Additional features include storage, one touch folding, and standalone abilities.

When choosing the best stroller you will also want to consider two other factors that are unrelated to the stroller. The first is how often you are going to use the stroller. Is this going to be your go to every day stroller, or is it a backup, one you are planning on taking on a trip, or to grandma’s house. The second is your budget. Strollers like cars, have a number of price points from your Toyota to your BMW. Therefore, you will need to consider your budget when making this decision. There is no definite answer to what is the best umbrella stroller out here, you just have to understand what you need and match it with a product and budget.

Top 5 Umbrella Stroller Review

The best umbrella stroller reviews below is a written to help you start your search towards buying the best umbrella stroller for you and your baby. We understand all you need to read about a stroller might not be on this page but links within each review will lead you to pages with full product description and reviews.

Baby Cargo Series 300 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Baby Cargo Series 300 Lightweight Umbrella StrollerBaby Cargo is a newer company in the market. The company has been steadily moving up rankings among parents and best baby stroller reviews because of their attention to detail and focus on usability. The 300 series is there top of the line umbrella stroller. It has a number of features that make it an ideal stroller. It is lightweight at just 15 pounds and has 5 inch hard wheels, which swivel or can be locked. These features add to maneuverability. There are also a number of parent friendly features, including a cup holder; it is self-locking with a one button easy fold, and a view window that lets you watch your baby. For baby’s comfort and safety, they have included a padded reclining seat, padded five point seat belt, and footrest. This stroller has a 50lbs weight capacity with a 19 inch back and is 14 inches wide, making it an option for older children. However because the seat does not fully recline, it is more suitable for children over 6 months of age. This stroller is currently ranted the best umbrella strollers of 2015 by many professional review sites.

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Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella StrollerThis stroller is evidence of the versatility of umbrella strollers and also one of the top umbrella strollers in the market. Good for two children up to 35lbs each with easy fold features, cup holder, and storage pocket for parents it is a good mix of utility, child and parent comfort. At 19lbs, it is one of the heaviest umbrella strollers on the market. It is also 29 inches wide so that two children can comfortable fit in the stroller at one item. However, there are some down sides to this stroller it only offers a limited sun shield and an unpadded 3-point harness. This Stroller will be ideal for parents that have two children under 4 but over 6 months of age.

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Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

Disney Umbrella Stroller with CanopyThis stroller sings cute like Disney song and at 9lbs it is one of the lightest umbrella strollers out there. However, because of its minimalist design it does not offer many features. The stroller has an unpadded seat, which doesn’t recline. It also has an unpadded three-point seatbelt. Folds in a traditional scissor fold and has hard plastic wheels and a 40lb weight limit this stroller. The stroller lacks a number of bells and whistles and is good for children that can easily sit up, but weight less than 40lbs.

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Major League Baseball Umbrella Stroller

Major League Baseball Umbrella StrollerThis is the stroller for dads. It features a number of different baseball team’s logos and colors, which make this a fun stroller to push around town. However, it is a traditional minimalist stroller with little or no features. On par with the Disney stroller, it would be ideal for quick and infrequent trips.

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Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella StrollerThis is the perfect mix between minimalism and convinces. It offers a number of features for parents including a cup holder, under seat storage, and taller handles. This top rated umbrella stroller weigh in at 12lbs but has a number of features that keep it ranked in the top of its class. With a one touch fold and open, it is easy to use. With a padded reclining seat with a five-point harness, even older children can use it. Because the seat fully reclines the youngest of children can use this stroller. Additionally, mom will be able to keep an eye on her little one through a view window. About other features, it comes with a rain guard and has a large umbrella, which protects more of the baby from the son.

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Buying a stroller can be complicated and expensive. Making the right choice will make the next couple of years easier. Making the wrong decision will send you quickly back out shopping. So take your time when you go out shopping to buy an umbrella stroller. Do all you can to understand what you are buying and ensure it meets all or most of your requirements