If you are a brisk walker or love to go jogging around the neighborhood, having kids is not a reason to stop. In fact, a greater need to go for jogging arises when you give birth.

Self-care becomes very important, and you need to regain your pre-pregnancy body. Where will I leave my kids while I go for jogging? No, you do not have to leave the baby behind. The only thing you require is a jogging stroller. With the best jogging stroller you can get your baby involved in your workout routine, of course without stressing our your little one.

best jogging stroller

Jogging strollers are far much better than the traditional strollers. They keep the child comfortable as you jog in all kinds of surfaces. This is one of the most preferred ways of keeping the baby comfortable and safe during your fitness routine. Jogging strollers are designed to absorb any bouncing that comes as a result of uneven surfaces or intense speed. Most of these strollers have three super-sized wheels to glide over rough surfaces.

Jogging strollers have a suspension system that minimizes the impact of jolts on the baby. The best time to start using the stroller to jog is when the baby is at least 8 months. This is said to be the most preferred age since the baby has enough strength to keep the neck and the head stable under the impact of minimal bounces and jolts.

Best Jogging Stroller 2017

You will find jogging strollers of different prices, sizes, and shapes in the market and it can become difficult to decide on the best. Just because the stroller is expensive does not mean it is of high quality. This chat and detailed product review below will however, guide you to getting the best jogging stroller that will be safe and comfortable for your baby as you go on with your exercise routine. Our baby stroller reviews touches on the important aspect of every product to help guide your buying decision.

1. Baby Trend Expedition: Best for Casual Runners

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller has earn market respect over a long period of time because of the comfort and safety it provides both mother and child while jogging.

Almost certainly guarantees a quality time outdoor and with your baby. It has a swiveling front wheel that makes it easy to maneuver and sharp turns. The tires are standard and air filled which makes it quite easy to move the jogging stroller. It also has a large canopy which keeps the baby comfortable even when the sun is hot.

The strollers folding system is quite great. It is super easy for one to fold it with one hand and have been designed to save space. Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is a great choice for any mom who loves to go for jogging since it features great comfort for the baby, removable tire, and a storage basket. The seats are easy to wash and have a 5 point harness for great added safety. Though primarily designed for jogger the stroller can be used server as a traditional stroller.

  • Super lightweight
  • Visually appealing
  • Very comfortable seats
  • Easy to fold
  • Conforms with the JPMA safety standards for kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Slightly noisy tyres on rough terrain


2. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect: Fast to Flatten

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Strolle

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect comes with amazing features for a good price.  The performance of an all-terrain baby jogging stroller and comfort and convenience features are all combined in this jogging stroller.

It is created in a manner that you may think that Graco was listening to the needs of an active parent.

The fast action fold design allows the parents to hold the baby with one hand and fold the stroller with the other.

It has a swivel front wheel that helps to turn tight corners with ease. You can lock it to a fixed wheel transforming it to a running or jogging stroller. The rubber tyres are air filled thus providing the babies with a smooth ride. It can be used with any Graco Click Connect infant seat car creating an ideal travel system for newborns.

The seats are comfy and it has plentiful storage to hold the parents and the babies’ stuff. The jogging stroller has a great and sturdy design that will grow with your kids. The stroller comes in a variety of great colors, and you will be free to choose.

  • Reflectors on the child’s tray and wheels
  • Easy fold with one hand
  • Smartphone cradle
  • Sturdy frame
  • Large canopy
  • Great maneuverability
  • Light weight and portable
  • Ample storage space
  • Quick ware on tyres


3. Baby Trend Range Jogger Travel System: Best for Elite Marathoner

Baby Trend Range Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Range Jogging stroller features everything that an active parent would love in a jogging stroller.

The stroller’s seats and all terrain tires are securely snapped into place so as the stroller is transformed into one unit. The parent tray is conveniently placed featuring two cup holders.

There is a large storage basket under the seat that you can use for some baby items replacing our conventional backpack. The handle is ergonomically shaped and foam padded to avoid pressure impact on the parent’s hand when going on hard and uneven surfaces.

The tether strap makes it possible for the handle to stay within the arms when on the move. This great jogging stroller also features a large and adjustable canopy that is covered with sunroof ratchets to block the baby from the wind and the sun.

The stroller is easy to fold, and effortless trigger makes it easy for transport.

  • Adjustable canopy
  • Parent and snack tray
  • Sturdy and large storage basket
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Fast and easy to fold
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Straps can be easily adjusted
  • A non-adjustable handle bar


4. Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller: Easiest to Use

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller

You can never go wrong with a Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller. Its a good choice to be with when out with your child on for a jog. Everything essential is built in this stroller, so you are not required to buy any additional accessories.

Comfort is the first thing you look at when buying a jogging stroller. The stroller features a multi position and adjustable reclining seat with a 3 and 5 point harness for maximum safety.

It is made of high-performance grade tech fabrics and reflective material to add visibility in low light.

This stroller accepts all the Graco Click Connect infant car seats to create your travel system. The connection is built in, and thus you do not need additional adapters furthermore, sporty jogging stroller has an all-weather canopy for protecting the baby against harsh weather.

The arms bars are removable thus making it easy to get your child in and out. Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller also features a parent’s storage console and storage basket that allows the parent to carry the must haves.

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller is available in various colors like orange, sand, apple green, blue, green and red to choose from.

  • Transformable to a travel system
  • It has narrow profile making it easy to navigate through doorways
  • Easy to maneuver even in tight spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can work with most car seats
  • Very compact
  • One hand fold
  • Stroller basket is small
  • No all-terrain wheels


5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller: Best for City Moms

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller is an updated version of the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Parents love its light weight, quick compact one hand fold and ability to tackle any terrain.

A much loved feature of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller is the hand operated brakes.

Its deep travel and recline system allow you to use the stroller from when the baby is born up to when they are 65lbs. The maneuverability of this stroller is fantastic compared to other regular models.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller is easy to push while jogging and an incredible front wheel suspension with air filled tyre.

This one hand stroller handles multiple terrains quite comfortably, from gravel, rocky and grass terrains. Compact when folded enabling it to fit even in small trunks.

Features an adjustable handlebar adjustable to various height based on preference. Lift the strap on the stroller, and it folds itself courtesy of the quick fold technology. The auto lock system ensures that the stroller is well locked for storage or transportation after folding it.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller seats can be reclined to a near flat position, and the weather cover ensures that the baby is safe and comfortable as you stroll. The canopy is adjustable to various positions, and you can set it according to the direction of the sun.

  • Convertible into a travel system with the car seat adapter
  • Narrow profile making it easy to navigate through doorways
  • Big wheels that absorb shock and handle curb nicely
  • Easy to maneuver in all conditions
  • Brake is hand operated
  • Handle bar is adjustable
  • Easy to fold with one hand
  • Have an auto lock system
  • Stroller basket is small
  • Shoulder pads can slip off easily


6. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller: Best Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

This is the best double jogging stroller. It is another model of the Baby Trend expedition designed for parents with two twins or kids within a close age range.

The stroller features am MP3 hook up with speakers which you can use to sing the sweet baby songs or to offer you entertainment as you go jogging.

It is designed with large tires and swivel wheels that allow it to go over all types of terrains smoothly. It is a double jogging stroller with three wheels but still very stable. The two front swivel wheel is 12 inches for easy maneuverability and also have a lock option while the back legs are 16 inches that make it possible for the stroller to ride smoothly over different terrains.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller is easy to fold, and you can also remove the tires for a more compact storage. The large canopy makes it possible for the kid to be always protected irrespective of the weather.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller has comfortable reclining seats and a five point harness.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight composite wheels
  • Pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Quick release tires for storage
  • Compact fold for storage
  • MP3 speakers to offer entertainment
  • 5-point harness for safety
  • Seats recline in multiple positions
  • Large basket for storage
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Heavy and cumbersome


7. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller: Best for Multiple Users

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

If you are looking for are efficiency and durability in a stroller, Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller come highly recommended.

The wish of every parent is to have quality time with their kids as they stroll. The security and comfort of this great double stroller is top notch. If you have two babies of the same age or with a little difference in age, then this  might be your ideal stroller.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller can comfortable accommodate 2 car seats. Its two rear pneumatic bicycle wheel makes it easy for the stroller to maneuver. The swivel front wheels make it easy to control and have a lock system for more safety.

The trigger folding feature of the double jogging stroller makes it easy for transportation and storage since the stroller is effortlessly folded in two. Other safety features on the stroller are the reflectors attached to the wheels and the frame of the stroller.

Equipped with cushioned rubber handle for comfortable push while jogging. They also feature an MP3 speaker that you can use to play soothing tunes for the little angels.

The 5-point harness ensures that the baby is safe at all times even when jogging on bumpy and even areas.

  • Improved safety features
  • Large storage baskets
  • The jogging stroller can be used for long trips
  • Seats recline to multiple positions for more comfort
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pneumatic wheels for withstanding tough terrains
  • Audio accessories to entertain both the mother and the kids
  • The steering wheel is easy to maneuver
  • Difficult to navigate through standard size doors and small pathways
  • Heavy to carry around


8. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller: Most Lightweight Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Single Stroller

This jogging stroller is the previous version of the Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Single Stroller.

It can hold a toddler up to 50lbs. It features a one hand fold, roomy seat and large canopy. Perfect choice for moms who do not want a heavy stroller since it is only 16lbs. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is not only used for jogging but can also be used as a regular stroller.

A very good stroller for parents who live in the city and love traveling a lot. This is because you can easily carry the stroller on the one hand and the baby on the other. It is composed of all the features of a great jogging stroller and still maintains its lightweight and affordability.

Recommended for kids who are more than six months old, but you can use it on a newborn with a car seat adapter.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller has a huge canopy with 2 peekaboo windows which the parents can use to look at the baby. The 5-pint harness featured in the stroller ensures that the baby is safe even when strolling on uneven grounds.

The mesh pocket behind the seats can be used by the parent to put their essential such as sunglasses, phone, wallet, and keys. The packing break of the stroller is at the back, and all you need to do is to step on the red pedal between the back wheels.

  • Multi-position sun canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold with a one hand quick fold mechanism
  • Automatic lock
  • Suspension of wheels to absorb bumps
  • 5-point harness for maximum safety
  • Padded seats for extra comfort
  • Huge canopy
  • Handle bar not adjustable
  • No bumper bar
  • Basket is inconveniently placed

9. BOB Revolution FLEX: Very Good Hybrid

BOB Revolution FLEX

The latest in the collection of strollers make by BOB. Bob revolution Flex is an upgrade of the Revolution SE.

This stroller’s handlebar is adjustable and can be comfortably used by parent of any height. For an ultra-smooth ride it is equipped with a 3 inch start-of-art suspension system. The front swivel wheels are also adjustable to enable maximum maneuverability over all-terrain.

The front wheels can also be locked for increased stability when going at a faster speed. It also features an adjustable suspension to provide a comfortable and safe ride in all-terrain.

The comfort of the stroller is top notch since the seats are padded and are made of easy to clean materials.

BOB Revolution Flex can be easily folded when not in use for storage or transportation.

  • Big and roomy seats
  • The sun canopy us adjustable
  • Sturdy stroller
  • Easy to push and maneuver
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • No cup holder
  • A little bulky
  • Small storage


10. Baby Jogger City Select stroller: Best for Trail Runner

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select jogging Stroller is one of the best luxury strollers one can find in the market. Its ability to be transformed from a single stroller to a double stroller is one thing that has increased its popularity.

All you need to have is an additional seat or a car seat adapter and a bassinet and get a double stroller from the single stroller. The stroller does not have to be used for jogging alone but can also be used for everyday use.

The large 3-section canopy featured in the stroller protects the baby from harsh weather and also has a peekaboo window with a magnetic closure.

The stroller has a telescoping handle bar that makes it easy for it to be used by parents of all heights. The fabrics used to make the stroller seats are easy to clean, and this is one feature that mothers love about it.

The comfort of the bay is thought of in this stroller. It features an adjustable foot rest for maximum babies comfort. The forever air tires are filled with lightweight foam that means that it will never go flat.

The front wheels are swivels and help you push over tough terrains comfortably.

  • Made of durable materials
  • Great stability even in double mode
  • Easy and fast to fold
  • Large and adjustable canopy
  • Conveniently placed parking brake
  • Huge storage basket
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • 5-point harness for maximum safety
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Can be transformed to a double stroller
  • It has no automatic lock
  • Seat fabric is a little scratchy



If you do not want to make a choice between exercise and the spending time with your baby, then it is time to get a jogging stroller.

A good jogging stroller is a difference between a wild, bumpy ride and a smooth, relaxing run for the baby. The search for the best jogging stroller should no longer cause you a headache. Our reviews gives you a highlight of the best jogging strollers you will find with great features and at reasonable price.

Always ensure the stroller has the minimum requirements that will keep the baby safe and comfortable during the workout.