baby stroller hazard

10 Ways to Reduce Baby Stroller and Pram Risks

Ah, the famous stroller! Equipped with 3 or 4 wheels, it is indispensable for parents of young children. But as useful as it is, the stroller also represents a real source of danger if it is not chosen and used with the utmost care. Below are our 10 baby stroller safety tips for every parent.

Here are some 10 important safety tips.

1. Adhere to Stroller Standards

Whichever model you choose, you should check that it has the words “EN 1888” (European standard), “NF S 54001” (French standard) or “Complies with safety requirements” and CPSC Approved (USA). The name of the manufacturer and the serial number must be clearly marked on the stroller.

2. Choose a Safe Brand

While price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, the brand may nevertheless be a good indicator of choice. In this respect, it is better to opt for a stroller model that has not been recalled.

3. Opt for a model adapted to the age of the child

Pack trio 1st age, stroller 2nd age, cane stroller. There are models of strollers adapted to each age of the child. Before 9 months, for example, you can not use 2nd stroller age.

4. Equipping your Stroller

To improve the comfort of baby, most strollers have a wide range of adaptable accessories. Umbrellas, rain protection, angel’s nest for the winter. All these products also promote the safety of baby in front of the external conditions to which it is confronted.

5. Check the folding and unfolding system

Before buying your stroller, test it by folding it and folding it several times. This operation must be easy to carry out and must not show signs of jamming. In practice, it is advisable to open or close the stroller at a distance from the child in order to prevent any risk of pinching of the fingers.

6. Testing the brake system

When your baby is comfortably installed in his stroller, you should regularly check that the wheel locking device is working properly on level and level terrain.

7. Do not leave the child unattended

Parents should never leave the stroller, even if the child is asleep. Falls are the most frequently observed accidents with strollers.

8. Avoid used strollers

It is not advisable to buy a stroller on an attic or a flea market. Most older models are no longer in compliance with current standards. If necessary, consider changing the fastening system if it is damaged.

9. Do not overload the stroller

One of the biggest risks of stroller accidents is caused by tipping. Parents tend to hang too much on the handlebars, causing inevitably an imbalance of the gear. It is also not advisable to put two children in the same stroller.

10. Maintain the stroller regularly

To go far safely, you have to spare your mount! With strollers, it’s the same! It is therefore essential to store your stroller in a clean and dry place when not in use and to check the wear of the various components. A little cleaning from time to time will not hurt either!