pushchair stroller precautions

How to Avoid Pushchair Stroller Risks in a Big City

The stroller is very practical, except that there are sidewalks too narrow, cars badly parked, exhaust pipes. The many pitfalls that the big cities reserve the stroller mom-stroller. A watchword: baby stroller safety is paramount!

5 Ways to Get Around with a Pushchair Stroller in the City

1. A delicate passage: crossing the roadway

  • Be sure to take the studded passages of course. Wait systematically for the little green man: set an early example to your little one to make a prudent and prudent city dweller.
  • The right position: keep the stroller on the sidewalk next to you, never lower it on the road when you wait for the light to turn green.
  • If there is no fire, you must see yourself and watch if the path is free. Do not push the stroller, it is up to you to go by leaving it on the sidewalk, while keeping a hand on it.

2. On the sidewalk, watch out for the garage

  • If the sidewalk is wide enough, drive in the middle to have a wider field of vision and to be in the driver’s seat.
  • The sidewalk is narrow and you spotted a garage exit? To check that no vehicles come out, stop the stroller and move slightly forward. If there is a car, the driver will be able to see you (while it is impossible to see the stroller, too low).

3. A car is parked on the sidewalk, how to pass?

  • Car badly parked, many garbage, this is unfortunately classic! The only solution is to go on the road to go around it.
  • Leave the stroller on the sidewalk and, holding it with one hand, go down to check that the lane is clear.

4. Stairs, get help

  • Above all, do not throw yourself into acrobatics. The advantage of the city is that you are rarely alone!
  • If nobody offers it to you spontaneously, do not hesitate to ask for help. Ask the person to lift the stroller by grasping it at the feet of your child so that the stroller is horizontal. On your side, hold the handle and go down smoothly and in rhythm.

5. And if there is no sidewalk

  • You have to drive on the road? Put yourself on the left side, facing the cars that arrive. So, you will not be surprised by the danger. In the same way, motorists see you right away and can slow down.
  • This rule is valid when the road is relatively straight. If there are turns, put yourself on the outer side at the turn.