baby stroller guidelines before buying

Questions and Answers when Shopping for a Stroller

Choosing and buying a stroller can prove to be a real headache. Here are some baby stroller buy guide to choose one adapted to your situation and your desires.

That’s more than a few weeks before your baby was born. The time has come for you to buy the stroller that will allow you convey your little one without worry. But now, with the plethora of strollers now available in the market, you do not know what to choose. To help you make a wise choice some facts are to be considered. Because besides the fact that the stroller you choose will have to be comfortable for your baby, it will also have to choose it according to your lifestyle.

Top 5 Questions Before Buying a Baby Stroller

  1. Do you live in the city or in the countryside? If you live in town, choose small wheels and for big wheels campaign.
  2. Do you live in a house or apartment? Be careful not to take a stroller too heavy or bulky if you live in apartment without elevator.
  3. Is your car tight or spacious? Before buying your stroller, make sure it enters the trunk of your car.
  4. Will you use it from birth? If you do not choose a platform, the inclination of the flat back is essential in order to be able to use it from birth.
  5. Will you use it in any weather? Well dressing should be made of thick and waterproof fabric to properly protect baby from cold and moisture.

Be aware that there are different models of strollers; The pram stroller, the American stroller, the expandable cane stroller and the double stroller.

  • The pram stroller consists of a chassis on which fits a nacelle from 0 to six months then a stroller hammock up to about four years. By choosing this very comfortable stroller, you can put the car in the car or in the baby room without waking it up.
  • The American stroller is convertible. It is generally a three in one. This stroller can be transformed into a pram. If it has the advantage of being “all options” – either rain cover, accessories and shelves, among others – this stroller is however heavy and its folding little compact.
  • The reclining stroller with its reclining seat is suitable for children from six months to four years. It can also be adapted to a newborn if a hull seat or a nacelle is attached. This stroller has the advantage of occupying a small volume while being complete.
  • The double stroller is suitable for twins or children of a close-up age. While it is comfortable for children, this stroller is heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy.