baby stroller in public transport

All young urban parents know that taking public transport with a stroller is far from fun. How to get around town with a toddler? Here are some valuable baby stroller guides to make this fun and easy.


Avoid large strollers. If you have twins, the stroller for 2 babies is absolutely to forget. Going up and down the metro stairs requires a lot of courage and muscles. A bulky stroller disturbs other passengers and does not facilitate your moving. If you have to use public transport at all costs, go for a umbrella stroller. It is less constraining and much lighter. Compact and handy, it will make your city trips with your baby easier. In case of need, it is very easy to fold.


Try not to leave alone when you travel by public transportation. If you have the opportunity, ask your father or mother preferably with a perfectly healthy back, a friend or your sturdy brother to accompany you. Put on your flat shoes to carry the stroller more easily. Public transport is not suitable for strollers so plan to get help to face the stairs. Passing a broken door of the metro with a stroller proves complicated. You will then be required to not have to lift the stroller solo. The same applies if there is an elevator or escalator failure or if they are overloaded. Otherwise, it happens that a charitable soul volunteers to give you a helping hand.


Try not to take public transportation during peak hours. People are far from being friendly with a parent who occupies too much space with his child care equipment. You will be less stressed if you can get out of your home when people are not on public transport. You will then benefit much better from your outing in town with your child.


The stroller is already a big constraint but if your toddler is impatient and howls, taking public transport will become a real hell. Take several small toys to prevent your baby from getting bored, take a feeding bottle if she is hungry. It is a good bet that your neighbor will fall under the spell of this little one being so fragile. Smile games, nice words, baby twittering, the person sitting next to you should occupy it for a little while so you can blow a little. On the bus, travelers are often less enclosed than on the subway. Enjoy it to cross the city with your stroller rod without too much trouble and spend a better time. And then the stroller has the power to rock baby.


These two means of transport are not very suitable for parents. Consider booking a taxi to make sure you have a vehicle with a car seat. The driver will help you store the stroller in the trunk with kindness. As for the bicycle set up by the city, some municipalities provide it with a baby seat. But for now, it’s relatively rare.


To get into a bus in a convenient way, it is best to go through the back doors of the bus. The bus does not always stop at the right height of the bus stop, then go down the sidewalk to get closer to the bus as much as possible to lift the stroller more easily. However, this technique requires good muscles. If you doubt your strength, position your back against the bus exit. You will have more strength to carry the loaded stroller with your baby inside. Concerning the metro, the technique is the same. Exit back to the doors and visualize the width of the space between the train and the platform.

Always put a baby carrier or a small carrying scarf in the stroller basket . In case of complication, you will have a solution for your baby and you will have only to fold the stroller.