Baby strollers are an essential when it comes to hanging out with babies. They make your work easier especially when you have to go a great distance with you kid on foot. However, it’s quite impractical for parents with twins to buy two separate strollers. It’s costly and not convenient at all. That’s where Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller comes in.


Show off your twins in this baby stroller that accommodates two kids at once. It offers an infant car seat to take your
twins on a car ride as well. The infant car seat is secured to give you the needed peace of mind when driving. Graco room for 2 classic connect stand and ride stroller also has a jump seat where another infant can fit in as long as they are 50 pounds or less.

There’s a 3 and 5-point harness locking mechanism to ensure top notch safety and reliability. The swivel wheels are, of course, well designed to make maneuverability a walk in the park. Gone are the days when the front wheels felt hard to respond to changing angles. Graco room for 2 stand and ride is light enough to push with one hand. It doesn’t consume your energy, even though you’re pushing two infants at once.

Riding Experience

50 pounds each is a good capacity for a baby tandem of any model. If manufacturers make something that goes beyond that capacity, then flexibility is likely to be affected. The rear of this unit offers a padded bench and a 3 seat harness. Your baby will ride while in a standing position. This is a very comfortable position because the baby is not really standing per se, he’s being supported on both feet and arms, thanks to the extra handles that offer added support for comfort during long rides.

Pushing Experience

The best baby stroller will take care of both the passenger and the driver as well. Graco room for two stand and ride stroller was designed with the pusher in mind. You see, what makes pushing some baby strollers a tiresome experience is the front wheel design. Some just don’t respond to your efforts while trying to maneuver corners, while others are just not as great in performance. And if the manufacturer doesn’t take care of the front wheel performance, plus the weight of the stroller, you’re gagged! It’s like trying to push a stationary 8 ton Caterpillar tractor.

Care and Cleaning

The overall design is in plastic and metal, which is typical for most baby strollers in the market. The fabric is also
machine washable, so your twins can always ride a clean baby stroller.

Pros and Cons

If you go through most graco room for 2 stroller reviews, you realize that weight is an important point of emphasis for
parents. The good thing is that Graco room for 2 classic connect stand and ride stroller has taken this into account, so their baby strollers are some of the lightest in the market. The price is also fair, not too expensive for a twin baby stroller, yet not too cheap.

However, the problem is that some people don’t like instructions, so when they are presented with the user manual on how to set everything up, they end up getting it all wrong. So they quickly head to Amazon to knock off a star or two. You can trust this review.