ideal baby strollers

For the comfort and safety of your toddler, do not skimp on the quality of his stroller. Baby strollers are worthy investment with an expected lifetime of use from multiple children. But to get value for money, you need to adopt important guidelines to select the ideal stroller.

Our 6 Tips for choosing an Ideal Stroller.

1. Evolutionary

  • The trend is the “stroller pack” , that is to say the stroller sold with a nacelle and a hull seat (auto) for the first months and that you can put back in position seat – reclining! – after 6 months. It is cumbersome, but practical to keep the same coach as long as possible!

2. Comfortable

  • The wheels are swivel and handy . If you live in the countryside, opt for large wheels that cushion the ground and reduce the impact of hard terrain. For the city, you are the small wheels easy to handle on the sidewalks!

3. Reassuring

  • A 5-point fixed harness (with crotch), a removable headrest and an adjustable footrest ensure safety and comfort for your child. Reversible facing road/parent, you can better monitor, admire, amuse your traveler.

4. Lightweight

  • The stroller is lightweight and easily fold-able . The volume fits the trunk of your car. The dressing is easily placed, and the basket is large enough to hold a few races.

5. Anti pollution

  • It has a raised seat to prevent your child from having a nose in the exhaust.

6. Convenient

  • Do not overlook the little “plus” , that is to say the height-adjustable handlebar (useful for dads), the folding of a hand on the handlebars (practice when holding your baby in the arms), locking or unlocking of the swiveling wheels within reach (no need to lower the wheels to the desired position).

More Tips

  • Make sure that the stroller has compatible parts that are easy to install and remove for car and ride in the blink of an eye.
  • Avoid purchasing it in a flea market. It may not be up to standard.
  • Also avoid second-hand models that may no longer meet current safety standards and may not have been serviced properly.
  • To ensure a long life for your stroller, consider regularly lubricating the wheels and folding points with a specific product.