different types of strollers

Types of Strollers Available in the Market Today

Must you choose a baby stroller? Do you know the different types of strollers that are on the market?

The stroller market is very diverse and growing. The stroller has undergone many technical changes and has given rise to new concepts: multi-function, off-road, luxury, design. Similarly, safety has evolved and we recall that one must choose one of the stroller models that complies with standard recommendations. This is the most basic guidelines when picking up a stroller. There is also the European Standard EN 1888, which complements the French standard and other European countries.

Baby Strollers: The 3 in 1 Stroller

It is used from birth until about 3 years. It combines a wide range of functions, such as a nacelle bed, stroller and car seat category 0+ (which can be used up to 6/9 months). It turns out to be a practical condensed of the products you will need for baby. More expensive to buy, it is however economical over time.

Baby strollers: Pram Stroller

This 2 in 1 baby stroller will be able to keep up with your child’s growth and adapt to your needs. Up to six months, the nacelle protects and keeps it warm. Then you can exchange the basket for a traditional stroller. Baby will be installed facing the road and will be able to observe the world around him. Note that the nacelle can sometimes allow the transformation into a car bed.

Baby strollers: The American Stroller

This model takes again the concept of the stroller pram with the difference that it is no longer necessary to disassemble the nacelle to install the stroller unit. Indeed, a simple manipulation and the nacelle turns into a stroller. It is not used from birth, but from a few months.

Baby strollers: 3 Wheel Stroller

This is one of the most fashionable stroller models. Its comfort and quality are often superior to those of other baby strollers, which justifies a high-end price. Equipped with all-terrain qualities, the 3-wheeled stroller allows you to walk in the countryside or at the beach. Be careful, check when buying the age from which these baby strollers can be used. Indeed, some models are suitable only from 6 months.

Baby strollers: Stroller Cane

This model of baby strollers combines bulk and minimum weight. The seat consists of a fine hammock. It is therefore not advisable to use it before the age of 10 months. Handy and practical, this is the solution for city moms.

Baby strollers: The Luxurious Cane Stroller

Like the classic cane stroller, it is compact and easy to fold. Added to that is a better comfort thanks to a real chair that replaces the hammock system. Its weight is obviously a little heavier.