baby stroller and pram safety

Getting Around Safely in your Strollers and Prams

With young children, strollers and prams are often indispensable in everyday life. These products are regulated to ensure baby safety. However, it is not enough to make sure that a stroller or pram complies with current standards(1), you need to know how to use it safely. Every year, children are injured due to improper use of the abdominal belt or restraint system or because they have been left unattended.

Did you know… Strollers and prams manufactured before 1985 may not comply with current standards and should not be purchased or sold.

Choosing A Stroller Or Pram

  • Choose a rugged model and follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions for use according to the weight and size of the child.
  • The stroller or pram, whether new or used, should always be accompanied by a label and instructions for use.
  • Make sure that the stroller is equipped with a seat belt or restraint secured to the frame .
  • In the case of a folding model, make sure that the brakes and the locking mechanism are working properly.
  • Check that the wheels are securely fastened.

Using a stroller or pram

  • Always monitor your child when in the stroller or pram.
  • Always use the restraint and the lap belt, and make sure the child is seated properly.
  • Engage the brakes when the stroller or pram is stopped and when you put the child into the stroller or the pram or pull it out.
  • Before adjusting the stroller or pram, make sure the child is not likely to get his hands or feet trapped .
  • Check the stroller or pram regularly to make sure it is not damaged and that the wheels are securely fastened.
  • Do not use pillows or blankets as padding to avoid suffocation.
  • Always follow the operating instructions when transporting other items in the stroller or on the stroller.
  • Never take the escalator with a stroller.