tips for picking your stroller

Best Baby Stroller Selection Tips

Before the arrival of a newborn, it is essential to have all the necessary equipment on ground. Among other things, you have to prepare your room, your crib and do not forget the stroller. Regarding this childcare accessory, there are several criteria to be taken into account before acquiring one. Be aware that a stroller is a fairly substantial investment, so you must buy it with full knowledge of the facts. Most parents are confronted with the choice of the stroller when a baby looms. Should we choose a scalable pushchair or stroller first? Which brand should we choose? Choosing a stroller is just as delicate as choosing a cradle especially for new parents.

Different Types of Strollers

Before buying a stroller, be aware that there are different types to choose from according to the age of your baby. Equipped only with a chassis and a hammock, standard strollers can only be used from birth if the hammock can be fully extended. Having needed 18 hours of sleep a day, it helps to keep baby lying down to respect his sleep at best. Depending on your choice, the basket can even be used as a main bed and can be attached to the stroller. This feature is found on 3-in-1 strollers with other possibilities like the combination with a shell that it, is better suited to a baby over 3 months.

Suitable for babies older than 6 months, the stroller pram will be able to adapt to all the needs of your child. This allows baby to be placed facing the road or facing you for safety. From 6 months, baby can sit in the stroller seat or hammock. It will be able to enjoy its walks while observing all that surrounds it. When baby grows and gets heavier, you can opt for a 2nd stroller. Lighter and more manageable, it will allow you to walk your child until the age of 4 years. One can also find multi-seat strollers ideal for twins and children of close ages.

You will understand that the choice of the stroller must be made according to the age and the number of children.

Use Of The Stroller

A stroller is designed to be transported anywhere to facilitate your travel with your baby. Also, it should be chosen based on your lifestyle and where you live. You will not choose the same stroller as that used in town if you live in the countryside. Similarly if you use public transport than using your own car.

For urban use, preferably a lightweight, handy, compact and easy to carry. You will have no trouble placing it in the trunk of the car or in public transport. Four-wheel models are best suited for this purpose as there are more choices of lightweight and compact strollers than among the three wheels.

If you live in the countryside and the roads are quite rough, go for an all-terrain stroller. The three-wheel models are suitable for this type of use and you will surely find the model that will suit you most. Focus on comfort, however, models with high-quality shock absorbs, a good braking system and a reclining backrest.

If you often use your car to move around, preferably a stroller with pod or hull option. If you choose the platform, make sure that it can be installed in the rear seat of your car and that it is homologous. Closer and more convenient, you can use a Maxi-Cosi for shorter journeys. It will allow you to carry baby without waking him when you get off the car.

In addition to these 2 main selection criteria, other elements such as design, seat and weight are also to be taken into account.

Details Not To Be Missed

The comfort of the baby is paramount in all your movements, so make sure that the baby is installed in a comfortable stroller adapted to his needs.

First element to take into account, the seat. In order for you to ensure the well-being of your baby, it must be adjustable. In other words, the back should be able to bow when baby sleeps. To prevent the nose at the same height as the exhaust, the stroller must also be adjustable in height.

To prevent the baby from having to bear too many shocks, make sure the wheel is very large and the chassis is strong.

Once all the elements of comfort are assembled, you just have to choose the color and the design that you like. However, to ensure its durability, it is necessary to maintain the stroller well .

Choose The Stroller According To The Number Of Children

If you have only one child, you can choose from several models. Most of the time, the strollers are single-seaters, so there is only one hammock, pod or hull. In the case of two children whose ages are quite close together, you should opt for strollers that have a chassis that can support 2 seat or 1 seat and a pod or a seat and a hull or car seat. If you have twins, choose the strollers that can associate 2 seats or 2 hulls or 1 hull and a nacelle or 2 nacelles. If you are lucky enough to have triplets, it is necessary to turn to a stroller that can accommodate 3 seats or 3 hulls.

Buy The Stroller With The Age Of The Child

First, know that a newborn is sleeping more than 18 hours a day, so he will have to sleep well. It will therefore be more appropriate to take a stroller with a nacelle. To minimize expenses, opt for a stroller with a seat that can be tilted at your leisure. Starting at the age of 3 months, the child begins to support his head, you can use a hull or a car seat. Arrived at 6 months, the baby can sit, so he needs a stroller with a seat. And between 9 and 12 months, the baby becomes heavier. So you need a stroller that is easier to handle and especially lighter. You will be able to put your child there until the age of 4 years.

The Choice Of The Stroller According To Its Use

In the case of use in the city, consider the small strollers rather light and fold-able. This will make it easier for you to travel on public transport and to store your equipment. If you use it on stony ground, select the most comfortable strollers with good shock absorbers and large tires.