baby in front facing stroller

Strollers Facing Parents

Most strollers that can be used from birth combine back-to-back and road-facing positions. This strollers can swivel from one position to the next in a flash.

But from birth to about 9 months, the ability to make eye contact with you is the key to your baby’s well-being. In a stroller facing the parents, he can see and hear your voice , two things from which he will draw precious comfort.

Your baby will love this moment when you bend over to talk to her and kiss her when you go out. And for you, a stroller facing parents will mean that you will be able to marvel at discovering the pleasure to draw on his little face, when you show him attention. It is a high recommended parenting guide to start bonding with your baby as fast a possible and this can also happen when using a stroller.

You will also be more relaxed, since you can rest assured that it is neither too hot nor too cold and that it is perfectly protected from the disturbing things of the outside world. Your little one will feel safe while you let him discover the world.

Moving To A Stroller Facing The Road

As your child grows up, his insatiable curiosity about the world around him leads him to want to be the first observer. But maybe you prefer to gradually cross the heading of the stroller facing the road. You could try to change the position of the stroller seat for about an hour at a time – a particularly simple maneuver with most reversible strollers ..

Try it on your walks in the park and if it is to be reassured, You can stand by his side when you show him the landscape. Then, little by little, accustom him to the seat facing the road for an entire afternoon.